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Cryptocurrency is aiding Ukraine — and potentially Russian oligarchs
Mar 1, 2022

Cryptocurrency is aiding Ukraine — and potentially Russian oligarchs

While Ukraine solicits cryptocurrency donations, Russians turn to volatile digital currencies as an alternative to the plummeting ruble.

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As the ruble tumbles, cryptocurrency attracts ordinary Russians, oligarchs, maybe even the state itself

Mar 1, 2022
In some ways, cryptocurrency is perfect for the conditions the war is creating.
With the crash of the ruble, Russians are turning to cryptocurrency.
Kirill Kudryavstev/AFP Getty Images

Russia tries to stop exit of Western businesses as departures accelerate

Mar 1, 2022
We’ve seen widescale repudiation of a country by the global business community before, but this feels different.
An empty space in a Virginia store where Russian vodka used to sit. The beverage will no longer be sold at state-controlled stores in Virginia following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Other liquor stores around the country are joining the boycott.
Stefani Reynolds/AFP Getty Images

Facebook, TikTok and YouTube ban Russian state media channels

Mar 1, 2022
The bans follow Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Social media platforms have often resisted calls to restrict controversial content.
A van owned by the RT broadcast network in Moscow. Social media platforms have banned content from Russian state-owned media channels, including RT, in Europe.
Mladen Antonov/AFP via Getty Images

A New Jersey community pharmacy's vaccine rollout, a year later

Mar 1, 2022
This time last year, Bell Pharmacy was doing everything it could to prepare for COVID-19 vaccines ... without knowing when the doses would arrive.
Tony Minniti, owner of Bell Pharmacy, worked with community groups to bring the vaccine to local residents.
Courtesy Minniti

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is rippling through the customs business

Mar 1, 2022
Gretchen Blough, a customs broker in Erie, Pennsylvania, explains how the geopolitical turmoil is affecting her company.
The EU and Canada have banned Russian planes from their airspace, and that's being felt throughout the supply chain. "There's all kinds of commercial flights that have been interrupted because of this," customs broker Gretchen Blough says.
Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images

Can The New American Home inspire builders to go green?

Mar 1, 2022
The house with three kitchens, a 12-nozzle shower for two and a tiled washing station for one lucky dog is designed as a "net-zero" energy home.
The New American Home 2022, unveiled at last month's International Builders' Show in Orlando, Florida, boasts several green building certifications.
Amy Scott/Marketplace

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