“The cloud” isn’t good for the atmosphere
Jun 12, 2019

“The cloud” isn’t good for the atmosphere

Plus: the latest on consumer prices and a conversation with "The Last Black Man in San Francisco."

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The man at the center of "The Last Black Man in San Francisco"

Jun 12, 2019
In a new film called, "The Last Black Man in San Francisco" Jimmie Fails plays a fictionalized version of himself.
Jimmie Fails stars in A24's "The Last Black Man in San Francisco."
Peter Prato/A24

New studies show the huge environmental impact of cloud computing

Jun 12, 2019
Training a typical AI, or artificial intelligence, emits as much carbon dioxide as five cars.
Much of our modern lives depends on server farms, like this one, the Equinix Paris data center called PA8.

As China raises tariffs on the U.S., it's lowering them for everyone else

Jun 12, 2019
With one hand, China is closing the door to U.S. products. With the other, it’s opening the door to U.S. competitors in the rest of the world. Chinese tariffs on U.S. products have increased to an average of 42%; everyone else pays an average of 19%. Lowering tariffs on everyone but the United States allows […]
A cargo ship prepares to dock at a port Qingdao, China, in May.
STR/AFP/Getty Images

Who are the super-renters?

Jun 12, 2019
Meet the "super renters." People in their 20s and 30s who want access to nice stuff without having to buy or own that stuff.
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

From fresh food to a new backyard fence, it's spending season

Jun 12, 2019
A look at consumer prices as our listeners get ready for summer.
Kelsey Sprowell of Iowa City, Iowa, chose to build this fence with her family to save money.
Courtesy of Kelsey Sprowell

Instant offers create a new kind of seller's market for homeowners

Jun 12, 2019
Some would rather sell for less than go through the hassle and expense of selling a house the traditional way.
Renee Williams' former house, now owned by Zillow, in Parker, Colorado.
Amy Scott/Marketplace

KKR doubles investment in house flipping. Here's why.

Jun 12, 2019
An attractive environment for buying, rehabbing and reselling homes is behind the growing investment.
A home for sale in Miami, Florida.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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