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Churn, baby, churn

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A bartender wearing a mask pours drinks for customers at a bar in Austin, Texas, in May.

A bartender pours drinks for customers in Austin, Texas, in May. There's a lot of churn in the labor market due to COVID-19. Sergio Flores/AFP via Getty Images

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COVID & Unemployment

Head spinning from all the unemployment numbers? Blame COVID-19.

by Mitchell Hartman Sep 10, 2020
The pandemic has led to churn in the job market — layoffs, rehires and new hires that reflect shifting demand in the economy.

What do the mall owners Simon and Brookfield see in J.C. Penney?

by Marielle Segarra Sep 10, 2020
They can't let the retailer fail.

Insurance companies face their own risks as wildfires continue

by Justin Ho Sep 10, 2020
Climate change and regulated rates are making it harder for insurance companies to do business at a time when fire risk is growing.
Elections 2020

What it takes to turn a sports venue into a polling place

by Kimberly Adams Sep 10, 2020
With record voter turnout expected in this year's elections, arenas and other large venues are turning into voting “supercenters."

Finding a COVID-19 test site for kids can be a struggle

by Kai Ryssdal and Sean McHenry Sep 10, 2020
"Marketplace" host Kai Ryssdal talks to Sarah Kliff at The New York Times about finding a COVID-19 test site for toddlers, and why free tests can still end up on an invoice.

How homeowners have gained a financial advantage during the pandemic

by Amy Scott Sep 10, 2020
During the Great Recession, owning a house could sink you. Now, it's a life raft.

Lights! Camera! Masks? TV and film production are ramping up

by Jasmine Garsd Sep 10, 2020
As the pandemic continues, actors are being called back to the set, with caution.

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