Jan 27, 2020

Chinese workers are staying home because of coronavirus

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Today we get the view from Shanghai. Plus, oil prices, new steel and aluminum tariffs and the official start of tax season.

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How coronavirus is affecting Chinese workers

by Kai Ryssdal, Jennifer Pak, and Andie Corban Jan 27, 2020
The government extended the Lunar New Year holiday in an attempt to contain the disease, meaning more days off for workers.
Chinese police officers wear protective masks at Beijing Station last week.
Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Chinese travel limits further depress oil prices; analysts consider longer-term impact

by Scott Tong Jan 27, 2020
How long will lower oil prices persist?
Limits on travel in China are negatively affecting oil prices. Above, people walk through Hankou Railway Station in Wuhan, China on Jan. 21, 2020.
AFP via Getty Images
Trade showdown

Trump administration plans additional tariffs on steel and aluminum

by Kimberly Adams Jan 27, 2020
Tariffs from 2018 made raw metals from outside the country more expensive. Now finished products could get extra taxes, too.
A worker cutting steel at a factory in Huaibei in China's eastern Anhui province in May 2018.
AFP via Getty Images

Almond farming is killing American bees

by Kai Ryssdal, Andie Corban, and Bennett Purser Jan 27, 2020
Beekeepers are now losing 30% of their bees every year.
A bumblebee draws nectar from a gooseberry bush.
Yuri Kadobnov/Getty Images
My Economy

Pedaling around the trade war

by Bennett Purser Jan 27, 2020
Securing tariff exemption changed day-to-day business at State Bicycle Co.
Mehdi Farsi, co-founder of State Bicycle Co. in Tempe, Arizona.
Jeff Olsen

How new tax law has affected size of refunds

by Marielle Segarra Feb 3, 2020
Final refund numbers from last season might be evidence that people heeded warnings and changed their withholding.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

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