China skipped COP26, but it still has emission-reduction goals to meet
Nov 3, 2021

China skipped COP26, but it still has emission-reduction goals to meet

Plus: A look at the investment needed to tackle the climate crisis; and how an indie bookstore is making it work amid COVID uncertainties.

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It's taper time

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell confirmed what the central bank’s been hinting at for a while now: that it’s time to scale back bond-buying.

Democrats reach deal aimed at cutting drug prices for seniors

Nov 3, 2021
The limited plan would, for the first time, give Medicare the power to negotiate prices directly with pharmaceutical companies.
Medicare Advantage plans are becoming more and more popular, but what exactly do they entail?  We got the details from Dr. Fred Hyde, an independent consultant in health care finance and adjunct professor at Georgetown University.
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World leaders at the COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland, on Tuesday. Among other issues, they have discussed the need for additional investment in climate resilience for developing countries.
Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

Cutting emissions means costs and opportunities for China's businesses

Nov 3, 2021
The country is criticized for doing too little, too slowly, but efforts are already having an impact.
The rapid construction in Luoyang city and other urban centers across China is partly the reason the country is the world's biggest carbon emitter.
Jennifer Pak/Marketplace

For hotels, leisure travel is roaring back

Nov 3, 2021
Pleasure travel has helped the hotel industry emerge from the depths of the pandemic. But business travel has been slower to bounce back.
The Marriott and Hilton hotel chains recently posted improved financial results, largely on a rebound in leisure travel. Health risks are among the issues still restraining business travel.
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He's growing his business during a labor shortage. "I'm optimistic."

Nov 3, 2021
R.G. Lamar of Stuckey's Corp. bought pecan-shelling and candymaking facilities in rural Georgia. There's demand, but not enough workers.
R.G. Lamar on his pecan farm in 2018.
Daisy Palacios/Marketplace

How one bookseller arrived at its next chapter

Nov 3, 2021
The co-owners of “A Good Used Book” in Los Angeles, California, are back in their retail space and looking ahead to the future.
This summer, Jenny Yang and Chris Capizzi, co-owners of A Good Used Book, began selling books in-person again after pivoting to online sales during pandemic lockdown.
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