The child tax credit has given stability to many families. Today’s payment could be the last.
Dec 15, 2021

The child tax credit has given stability to many families. Today’s payment could be the last.

Plus: A trek to a sunny, outdoorsy spot some remote workers are moving to and a discussion about the role of the music critic.

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Where inflation may linger

Dec 15, 2021
Despite Federal Reserve action, inflation may persist for homes, but gasoline and food prices may respond more quickly.
Apartment buildings in Miami. Inflation might persist in the shelter category despite Federal Reserve action, some experts say.
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

A small business preps for a big holiday shopping season

With retail sales numbers out today, we check in with Patty Delgado, founder of e-commerce retailer Hija de tu Madre, who describes how business is going this holiday season.

Listeners “care about community and humanity of the music," says Pitchfork’s Patel

The editor in chief of the music site talks about virality versus hooks, how musicians make a living and the future of criticism.
Musicians have had to find new venues since the pandemic started, and the growth of the labor movement has affected the music industry, said Puja Patel, editor in chief of Pitchfork.
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

Will wages continue to keep up with inflation?

Dec 15, 2021
Workers' incomes may see further gains as the ongoing labor shortage pushes employers to offer higher pay.
Experts don't expect wage growth to stall given how many workers remain on the sidelines while companies have jobs to fill.
Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

Wednesday's child tax credit payments could be the last

Dec 15, 2021
The expansion of the child tax credit was temporary and will expire at the end of the year unless Congress votes to extend it.
Children draw on a canceled check prop during a rally in Washington urging extension of the expanded child tax credit.
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Job and city switching surge in the pandemic

Dec 15, 2021
LinkedIn finds a sharp rise in remote jobs on offer, and people searching for them in small "lifestyle" cities like Bend, Oregon.
The outdoorsy and picturesque city of Bend, Oregon,  is among the locales where many jobseekers have been searching for remote gigs, according to LinkedIn.
JamesBrey via Getty Images

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