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The Chicago Fed president on the path forward for interest rates
Sep 7, 2023

The Chicago Fed president on the path forward for interest rates

Today, the Chicago Fed's Austan Goolsbee shares his thoughts on the likelihood of a soft landing for the economy.

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Fed is nearing a point when it is not a matter of raising rates, but how long to keep them high, says Chicago Fed CEO Austan Goolsbee

Sep 7, 2023
There is growing confidence that the Fed can pull off lowering inflation without a recession, said Chicago Fed CEO Austan Goolsbee.
"There's a growing confidence that we can pull off" a soft landing, says Chicago Fed chief Austan Goolsbee. "The only thing I want to caution you is that it's not a guarantee."
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

An inverted yield curve usually signals recession. Is it wrong this time?

Sep 7, 2023
For well over a year, the interest paid by long-term Treasury bonds has been lower than that of shorter-term debt. But a recession hasn't happened yet.
When the yield curve inverts, it indicates that bond investors are betting on a coming recession.
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Big Tech is buying into the early carbon-removal market

Sep 7, 2023
Microsoft is paying $200 million to a company using crushed rock to absorb carbon, and the Frontier consortium is backing emerging technology.
Investing in emerging environmental technology "signals to consumers or to their customers that this is a company that's a leader, that's ahead of the game," said Daniel Korschun, a marketing professor at Drexel University.
Tim Heitman/Getty Images for BIG3

Some singles are done with dating apps

Sep 7, 2023
And they've turned their efforts to other methods, like speed dating and matchmakers.
Participants at a speed dating event in London.
Adrian Dennis/AFP via Getty Images

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