ChatGPT comes for digital advertisers and publishers
Feb 7, 2023

ChatGPT comes for digital advertisers and publishers

Microsoft announced that it will bring generative AI to its Bing search engine. What does that mean for advertising, the lifeblood of search? Also, a closer look at China's COVID death toll.

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A strong dollar is hurting exports, helping imports and expanding the trade deficit

Feb 7, 2023
The dollar's strong because the Federal Reserve's been raising interest rates.
American exports have been hurt by the slowing global economy and the strong dollar. Above, a container ship at Cuxhaven, Germany.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

As search engines race to incorporate ChatGPT technology, where does that leave digital advertisers?

Feb 7, 2023
Microsoft's latest version of Bing includes answers generated by ChatGPT tech. Here's what that could mean for sponsored links and content publishers.
Jason Redmond/AFP via Getty

For home stagers, it's hard to put a pretty face on the real estate downturn 

Feb 7, 2023
Home stagers dress up a house so it’ll sell for more money. The slowing market is hitting them, too.
After doing a walk-through, stager Krisann Evoli advises clients on strategies such as rearranging closets to make them look bigger.
Eva Eakin

As tax season approaches, accounting firms are short on staff

Feb 7, 2023
And maybe a branding problem, too.
"Nobody thinks about the accountants," said Adrienne Gonzales, editor for the accounting blog "Going Concern." "They think about the accountants on April 15 when taxes are due. But there’s this whole network that is the engine of the economy."
Sasirin Pamai/Getty

China's big question after ending "zero-COVID" rules: How many have died?

Feb 7, 2023
David struggled to help his 83-year-old father before he died of COVID. Will his father's death be counted in China's official toll?
Hundreds of millions of people in China were infected within weeks of the abrupt end to "zero-COVID" rules, experts say. Above, patients are cared for by relatives and medical staff in the atrium of a busy hospital on Jan. 13 in Shanghai.
Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

How the "new guys" of NASA's Group 8 opened up space travel to the rest of us

Feb 7, 2023
In the 1970s, NASA welcomed women and minority astronauts for the first time. Meredith Bagby's new book explores the impact that they made in the world of space travel.
As the first women and minorities in America's space program, NASA's Group 8 — some of whom are seen here — were a whole new face for space travel.
NASA/AFP via Getty Images

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