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Can you tell the difference between a $1,000 smartphone and a $300 one?
May 28, 2019

Can you tell the difference between a $1,000 smartphone and a $300 one?

Today, we take a blind test. Plus: The payment industry's merger frenzy and Gatorade's personalized, data-driven future.

Segments From this episode

Personalized sports drinks? It's more real than you think.

May 28, 2019
Soon, there could be a Gatorade designed for your specific body, down to the very last drop of sweat.
Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images

How we pay for things is changing, and payment companies are merging to adapt

May 28, 2019
Major payment processing companies are also trying to fend up competition from tech newcomers like Square.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

More home sellers being forced to cut prices

May 28, 2019
According to Zillow, about 15% of listings had a price cut in April. That's up from 12% a year ago.
A reduced price sign sits in front of a house in Glendale, California.
David McNew/Getty Images

And the winner is? The results of the Marketplace smartphone blind taste test

May 29, 2019
Marketplace's smartphone blind taste test found Huawei and Motorola outperformed, and Apple underperformed.
Josep Lago/AFP/Getty Images

Honey business continues to buzz even with Brexit uncertainty

May 29, 2019
How a small honey business in London's Borough Market is coping with Brexit.
Wolfgang Kumm/AFP/Getty Images

Why a mystery social media account on the U.S.-China trade talks is generating buzz

May 28, 2019
China’s state-run media has been tight-lipped about trade talks, but a mystery social media account seems to have the inside track.
A headline on a Taoran Notes article on the U.S.-China trade talks reads: "Without sincerity, there is no point in coming for talks and nothing to talk about.” Credit: Taoran Notes/WeChat
Taoran Notes/WeChat

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