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As pandemic benefits end, unemployment for Black workers is on the rise
Sep 6, 2021

As pandemic benefits end, unemployment for Black workers is on the rise

Later in the show: a working mom's experience with the hot rental market, how the labor shortage impacts school lunches and a look at two dueling lobster shacks.

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Unemployment rate for Black workers going the wrong way as benefits expire

Sep 6, 2021
Black workers were the only racial or ethnic group for whom unemployment rose in the most recent monthly data — to nearly 9%.
A woman walks past the an employment services center in Washington, D.C., in July 2020. In the most recent unemployment report, Black workers were the only racial or ethnic group to see unemployment rise.
Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

Rural vaccinations rise but still lag behind cities

Sep 6, 2021
An uptick in vaccination rates in the rural United States corresponds with rising COVID-19 infections and a slimming number of ICU beds.
Local outreach campaigns have helped boost vaccination rates among residents of rural communities.
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

School cafeterias are looking for workers, too

Sep 6, 2021
Schools are struggling to find workers to serve children, and they are receiving fewer menu items from distributors and manufacturers.
It's not just cafeteria workers who are in short supply; there's also a shortage of warehouse workers and truck drivers.
George Frey/AFP via Getty Images

Searching for a rental as prices rise ... and rise

Sep 6, 2021
In Spokane, Washington’s hot rental market, finding an affordable home is “like a full time job” said Spokane Valley resident Kali Capps.
Because of Spokane, Washington's hot rental market, sales representative Kali Capps opted for an apartment out of her price range because “it was the absolute only option that we had,” she said.
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Customers line up for lobster rolls despite record prices

Sep 6, 2021
At one Maine lobster shack, waiting in line is part of the experience for its customers.
Owner Frank Sprague on the job making lobster dinners at Sprague’s.
(Shannon Mullen)

When Bansky enjoys a "spray-cation"

Like many other Brits, graffiti artist Banksy has been enjoying summer staycation at the English seaside. A number of new works claimed by the artist have been cropping up in smaller towns. While the art is bringing in new tourists, preserving the works is a challenge for cash-strapped local councils.

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