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An American manufacturing comeback
Aug 22, 2022

An American manufacturing comeback

A record number of manufacturing jobs are coming back to the U.S., a report says. Supply chain woes are part of the reason. Plus, how shipping issues are affecting a trio of small businesses.

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Reshoring high-tech jobs accelerates as supply chain woes continue

Aug 22, 2022
A shorter chain means less room for error and uncertainty. But that security comes with a higher price tag.
West Coast ports have grappled with hurdles to bringing foreign-made goods into the U.S. market. Those problems are among the factors stirring plans to relocate manufacturing and create jobs here.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

From toys to custom bikes, these small businesses are still seeing shipment delays

Aug 22, 2022
Supply chain problems remain an obstacle as demand picks up.
A shopper on a stroll in San Francisco. Retailers have begun preparing for the holidays, but supplies of some items are uncertain.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Ukrainians in the U.S. have found new ways to send money to loved ones back home

Aug 22, 2022
But remittances have actually fallen as the war has dragged on.
Western Union is now allowing money sent to Ukraine to be picked up in neighboring countries. But because of steep costs, some Ukrainians abroad have found alternatives to usual remittance services.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Taiwan trade talks advance; U.S. will start official negotiations in the fall

Aug 22, 2022
An Indiana delegation is on the island seeking to expand academic and business ties, in particular bringing semiconductor production to the states.
The trade talks may encourage Taiwanese companies to build semiconductor factories in the United States.
STR/AFP via Getty Images

Unengaged workers are fired up about "quiet quitting"

Young workers' sense of "wanting to untether my job from my identity" has grown in the past year, The Journal's Lindsay Ellis reports.
During the pandemic, with stress and mental health problems widespread, more employees have become less committed to their jobs.
Prostock-Studio/Getty Images

Car speed limiters are gaining traction

Aug 22, 2022
Last month a new European rule went into effect mandating speed limiters on new cars. Now New York city is trying out the devices.
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