Aid groups are bracing for thousands of Afghan refugees
Aug 20, 2021

Aid groups are bracing for thousands of Afghan refugees

Plus: The Weekly Wrap, the value of an iconic toy store's name and a chat about workplace culture with journalist Anne Helen Petersen.

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The Weekly Wrap

The Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell and Business Insider’s Linette Lopez chat with Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal about the Federal Reserve’s upcoming Jackson Hole symposium, slowing growth forecasts and expiring expanded federal unemployment benefits.

Aid groups scramble to prepare homes for Afghan evacuees

Aug 20, 2021
The Biden administration has expanded the Special Immigrant Visa program to allow more Afghans who assisted the U.S. during the war to resettle here.
Laura Thompson Osuri, executive director of Homes Not Borders, tosses a pillow to volunteer Amal Abuldood as they prepare an apartment for an Afghan family soon to arrive on Special Immigrant Visas.
Kimberly Adams

Back in name only: Toys R Us brand to reappear in more than 400 Macy's stores

Aug 20, 2021
Just a few years ago, the toy retailer closed its U.S. operations and laid off 30,000 workers.
A Toys R Us store in New York in 2018, after the chain said its U.S. locations would close. Macy's plans to use the brand name to boost traffic in its department stores.
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Can companies really be empathetic toward their workers?

Aug 20, 2021
As Anne Helen Petersen writes, messaging about empathy is different from taking action, and not every employee is buying it.
In an article for Time, Anne Helen Petersen argues that many corporations miss the mark when they try to show empathy to employees during the pandemic.
South_agency via Getty Images

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