One meeellion dollars!
Jun 11, 2024

One meeellion dollars!

... as Dr. Evil says. But how much is that in today's dollars? Plus, we discuss whether pet insurance is worth it.

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Small businesses are apprehensive these days

Jun 11, 2024
The NFIB reports a spike in its uncertainty index, perhaps triggered by thrifty consumers and the upcoming election.
The feeling of certainty about future business conditions has waned among merchants, according to the National Federation of Independent Business.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Ad spending is climbing, thanks to tireless consumers — and artificial intelligence

Jun 11, 2024
AI promises to improve ad targeting. It can also generate content tailored to individuals.
Artificial intelligence could inform more than 94% of ad spending before the end of the decade, a GroupM report says.
Craig T Fruchtman/Getty Images

Is pet insurance worth the high premiums?

Jun 11, 2024
Pet insurance is expensive and might not cover as much as owners think it will, especially for older pets or those with preexisting conditions.
Older pets tend to have higher insurance premiums, says Emily Stewart at Business Insider.
Thierry Monasse/Getty Images

Austin Powers and Dr. Evil can teach us to adjust for inflation

Jun 11, 2024
Don’t be like Dr. Evil, who didn’t check the CPI before making ransom demands.
"One meeellion dollars!"
Still from "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery"

Why grocery stores want to be the new community meeting place

Jun 12, 2024
People are coming back to brick-and-mortar supermarkets after a spike in grocery delivery early in the pandemic, industry insiders say.
Sean Higgins/KUER

When an accessibility mapping app went viral, success came with a cost

Jun 11, 2024
Roll Mobility, an app for mapping accessibility infrastructure and linking disabled communities, went viral. Now the team needs to raise funds.
A viral video boosted the popularity of an accessibility app called Roll Mobility. Now the company needs to raise funds to build its operation, said co-founder Joe Foster.
Philippe Lopez/AFP via Getty Images)

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