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A tale of two central banks

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An elderly man walks past the exterior of the People's Bank of China in Beijing.

An elderly man walks past the People's Bank of China in Beijing on August 12, 2015. China cut the yuan's value against the US dollar for the second consecutive day on August 12, roiling global financial markets and driving expectations the currency could be set for further falls. AFP PHOTO / WANG ZHAO (Photo by WANG Zhao / AFP) (Photo by WANG ZHAO/AFP via Getty Images) Wang Zhao/AFP via Getty Images

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The Weekly Wrap

Bloomberg’s Jordyn Holman and Politico’s Sudeep Reddy join "Marketplace" host Kai Ryssdal to help digest the economic week that was.

As U.S. interest rates rise, China's are headed in the opposite direction

by Justin Ho May 20, 2022
Here in the U.S., the Fed is trying to cool an overactive economy. In China, the goal is to juice one that's flagging.

Infant formula crisis teaches lesson about market concentration

by Savannah Maher May 20, 2022
When a few companies control most of the market, problems arise.

What labor shortage? Some retailers now say they're overstaffed.

by Kristin Schwab May 20, 2022
Hiring too many workers — many of them part time — was an effort to avoid losing sales.

That line in the sand about going back to the office? It keeps moving.

by Sabri Ben-Achour May 20, 2022
As COVID surges again in some areas and employees push to work at home most days, companies are trying to find the right balance.

What's with all the requests for reviews from health care providers?

by Ashley Milne-Tyte May 20, 2022
As patients search the web for a doctor or dentist, online reviews have become more important to health care providers.

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