A rigged version of Monopoly
Jul 1, 2024

A rigged version of Monopoly

"Urban Cipher" was developed by researcher Lawrence Brown to illustrate how redlining affects families for generations. Plus, Boeing will buy back Spirit AeroSystems.

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Lumber is cheap, but building or renovating a home isn’t

Jul 1, 2024
The price of lumber has plummeted since early in the pandemic, but other building materials are up 30% from 2019.
Lumber prices have fallen, but other home construction materials have not followed suit.
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Amid DOJ fraud suit, Boeing is set to buy back Spirit Aerosystems

Jul 1, 2024
Spinning it off was supposed to boost profits. Buying it back is supposed to help Boeing regain control of the process.
Two recent fatal crashes involving Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts resulted in a DOJ investigation into the plane manufacturer.
Jennifer Buchanan/AFP via Getty Images

Urban Cipher game teaches players the effects of redlining

Jul 1, 2024
"We're rolling the same thing, but we're getting different results" — that's a valuable experience, says creator Lawrence Brown.
Lawrence Brown, creator of Urban Cipher, explains how racially coded federal maps dictated lending practices in cities like Baltimore.
Amy Scott/Marketplace

AI advertising may repel as well as attract

Jul 1, 2024
Companies hope AI branding makes them look ready for the future, but that leaves opportunities for "human-focused" marketing.
A screen grab from an AI-generated pitch for Toys R Us.
Courtesy Toys R Us

In the era of hand-drawn drafts, one landscape designer remembers: “I was creating a piece of art”

Jul 1, 2024
In the first installment of our series “My Analog Life,” a landscape architect reminisces about drafting by hand.
A hand-drawn landscape design by Eric Weishaar in 2001. The project was for a client whose son was in a wheelchair and wanted an accessible landscape on their home.
Courtesy Weishaar

In Massachusetts, land preservation is a waiting game

Jul 1, 2024
The state Conservation Land Tax Credit gives private landowners up to $75,000 to cover some of what their land would be worth to developers and the cost of appraisals, surveys and legal fees. 
Carol Williams walks through the woods behind her home which she hopes to restrict from future development.
Robin Lubbock/WBUR

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