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A choose-your-own-economy adventure
Apr 14, 2023

A choose-your-own-economy adventure

Is this economy headed toward a soft landing ... or off a cliff? Depends on what data you look at. Plus, are utility companies ready for the next attack on the grid?

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The Weekly Wrap

Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal chats with Heather Long of The Washington Post and Ana Swanson of The New York Times about the slow burn of the banking crisis and the likelihood of getting to a “just right” economy.

Dour consumers have cut their spending. Could that help trigger a recession?

Apr 14, 2023
Consumer sentiment's been up and down lately.
There definitely has been a decline in spending on goods like furniture and electronics, says  Bill Adams of Comerica Bank.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Banks are borrowing less from the Federal Reserve

Apr 14, 2023
That's good news, but banks are still borrowing a lot more from the Fed than they typically do.
New central bank data shows that banks borrowed about $9 billion less from the Fed in the week ending April 12, according to Krishna Guha, vice chair of Evercore ISI.
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

As summer approaches, labor shortages make seasonal hiring tough

Apr 14, 2023
A tight labor market, plus caps on worker visas, may mean consumers will notice fewer lifeguards at pools and slower service at restaurants.
Public pools, restaurants and resorts are expected to struggle with hiring this summer again.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A zoomed-in look at retail sales

Annie Lang Hartman, owner of Wild Lettie in Leland, Michigan, talks about prepping for the summer season at her store.

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