2 measures provide 2 very different views of the economy
Aug 25, 2022

2 measures provide 2 very different views of the economy

While gross domestic product shrank in the second quarter, gross domestic income increased. That's creating a puzzling picture of where the economy stands.

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Gross domestic income (GDI), explained

Aug 25, 2022
GDI should be close to GDP, theoretically. It's not.
Measure all spending in an economy and all income in an economy, and they should be roughly the same. New figures show that's not the case right now.
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What was the main driver of inflation from 2019-21?

Aug 25, 2022
A New York Fed economist says 60% of inflation was driven by demand for goods, and 40% was from supply-side issues that magnified that higher demand.
Without the supply chain bottlenecks we've experienced, we might have seen 6% inflation at the end of last year, instead of 9%, a New York Fed economist posits.
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As streaming subscriptions fall, media giants turn to theme parks, live events for lost revenue

Aug 25, 2022
Pent up demand for in-person experiences may make up for slipping subscriber numbers.
The interest in live events and theme park tickets has skyrocketed as the industry receives pent up demand from the pandemic.
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Inflation means teachers who buy their own supplies have to spend more or ask for help

Aug 25, 2022
Prices for school supplies like notebooks, glue, and labels have increased 11% from a year ago.
Lakeshore Learning, a teaching supply store, in Towson, Maryland, was doing a brisk business on a recent weekday.
Stephanie Hughes / Marketplace

Home affordability is up — by a smidge

Aug 25, 2022
The Mortgage Bankers Association reports the average monthly payment on a new mortgage in July was $1,844, down $49 from June, as mortgage rates and loan amounts edged lower.
So home affordability — a ratio of average income to average monthly mortgage payment — has improved slightly in recent months.
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This Connecticut contractor says rising demand has left him “overwhelmed”

Aug 25, 2022
Bruce Ridenour has been a contractor for 40 years and said local contractors in Danbury, Connecticut don't have bandwidth to handle all the new demand.
“As the work comes more and more, faster and faster, it just comes more and more to those of us who are left,” Bruce Ridenour said.
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