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11/22/2017: Regulations. Can't live with 'em, can't run an economy without 'em.

November 22, 2017

You might have to eat a few veggies before feasting on carbs and butter and sweets, but we're going to try and serve up a good show for you. We promise. In this case, the vegetables are federal regulations, which might seem super boring but actually affect your life every single day. Case in point: Net neutrality. Federal Communications Commission Chair Ajit Pai is on his way to rolling back virtually all the net neutrality rules his agency put in place just a couple years ago. But before rules become official, there's supposed to be a comment period. This one was historic, but sometimes they're more for show than anything else. Then, we'll update you on the latest trade rules to cross President Donald Trump's desk and the big data breach du jour (this time at Uber). Plus: As we wait for the next name to drop in the growing list of accused high-profile sexual offenders in the workplace, let's talk about the real and justified reluctance among some of the victims to say anything about it to human resources.

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