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11/16/2017: How's the chicken business though?

November 16, 2017

We step away from the Hill to talk to someone who will be affected by the tax bill: a poultry company CEO (and former economist) in Rogers, Arkansas, for whom tax cuts could allow a business expansion a year or so earlier than would be possible at the current tax rate. And we check in with Lizzie O'Leary, on the ground in San Juan, Puerto Rico, about how the island is rebuilding two months after Hurricane Maria. Here's a quote from a resident there on how the storm was the last straw for a lot of people already debating whether or not to leave the island: "By the time the lights come back on, there may not be people here to see it." Plus, why the FCC weakening limits on owning TV stations will pave the way for a big media merger; what Brexit will mean for fishermen in British waters; and how DeVon Franklin became "the guy" in Hollywood who gets Christian-themed entertainment in wide release.

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