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Today’s market decline, explained

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By now we don’t have to remind you that the stock market is not the economy, but we’ll give you some more context for today’s decline. Also on today’s show: One of the most influential companies you probably never heard of is going public. The mobile division of Japanese conglomerate Softbank is vying for an IPO. That’s a big deal for American companies, including Uber, Slack and WeWork. Then: About 70 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned before purchase. Now e-commerce retailers are trying to figure out how to get shoppers to that last click. And we remember comic book genius Stan Lee. We talk to Gizmodo’s Evan Narcisse about Lee’s impact on pop culture. 

Segments From this episode

Will the Saudi-Russian oil alliance hold as production cuts are mulled?

by Scott Tong Nov 12, 2018
The price of oil is at its lowest in almost a year. Now officials from Saudi Arabia are suggesting they might cut supply to arrest the falling price. President Donald Trump on Monday said he hopes Saudi Arabia and OPEC don’t do that. It’s all a bit of a test for Saudi Arabia and its […]

SoftBank is taking its mobile division public. But what is SoftBank?

by Marielle Segarra Nov 12, 2018
SoftBank Group Corp., the massive Japanese holding company, is planning to take its mobile division public. The company is trying to raise $21 billion in its IPO, and it’ll list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December. You may not have heard of SoftBank, but it has a hand in a lot of our consumer technologies […]

FDA may seek to regulate menthol and e-cigarettes

by Tracey Samuelson Nov 12, 2018
Regulatory changes would face a process that could take years and face litigation.

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