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Is a raise at Amazon a raise for the country?

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Amazon will pay its American employees at least $15 an hour, the company announced today. With 250,000 employees and another 100,000 seasonal workers set to benefit all over the country, can the retail giant pressure its competitors to give out raises, too? We’ll look at the potential macroeconomic effects, and what it’s like to live on $15 an hour anyway. Then: The cosmetics industry is booming thanks to Instagram and YouTube, but makeup counters at department stores aren’t seeing more customers. How the new guard in makeup is replacing the old. Plus, how the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada will affect drug prices. 

Segments From this episode

Why some people are worried about drug patent protections in the new NAFTA

by Scott Tong Oct 2, 2018
The trade agreement reached over the weekend between the U.S., Canada and Mexico includes longer intellectual property protection periods for the expensive class of drugs known as biologics.

What happens when a company like Amazon raises wages everywhere?

by Amy Scott Oct 2, 2018
It puts some pressure on firms that might not be ready to raise workers' pay, one economist says.

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