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09/04/17: The latest fight for worker's rights

September 04, 2017

North Korea has ratcheted up tensions again by testing what it called a hydrogen bomb on Sunday. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said he's working on plans to further sanction the country and, potentially, one of the United States' biggest trade partners: China. We'll talk with former U.S. ambassador Joe DeThomas about how that might play out. Then: Efforts to boost the minimum wage have gotten a lot of attention lately and proponents have scored some major victories. But workers rights advocates are now asking: What good is a wage boost if workers don’t know how many hours they’re working every week? Oregon is the first state to legislate predicable work schedules, and the movement is gaining traction. Plus: this Labor Day weekend, the summer movie season limped to a close with no new wide releases. So what happened? 

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