Aug 2, 2017

08/02/2017: The Dow is not the economy


... And the economy isn't the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It's worth repeating today, when the Dow closed above 22,000 and President Trump is touting the record as a big economic win. We'll just note that stocks aren't even the…

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Boingo's CEO figured out how to monetize "free" Wi-Fi

Aug 2, 2017
David Hagan explains how the company went from charging $74.95 a month to giving away the service and still stayed in business.

David Hagan, Boingo CEO, thinks the smartphone of the future is “going to be distributed within us.”
Bridget Bodnar/Marketplace

Health insurers are looking for a little certainty

Aug 2, 2017
Assuring subsidies for low-income people could help stabilize the market, the CEO of an industry lobbying group says.
Adam Berry/Getty Images

While the Dow spikes, the dollar falls

Aug 2, 2017
The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 22,000 for the first time today, thanks in part to strong corporate profits. But while all eyes are on the Dow, less attention is being paid to another measure of the U.S. economy: the…

U.S. considering action against China over trade

Aug 2, 2017
The White House is planning to investigate China for unfair trade practices — specifically over intellectual property, or IP. U.S. companies that want to do business in China often have to turn over their IP in order to do so…

Venezuela’s debt could give China and Russia an oil market edge

Aug 2, 2017
As chaos in Venezuela continues, the Trump administration has imposed sanctions on President Nicolás Maduro and is threatening an embargo on Venezuelan oil. But that could backfire: if Washington pushes hard enough, Venezuela could go belly up on its debt, and…

Eurozone hopes PIIGS may fly

Aug 3, 2017
Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain show signs of economic recovery.
A European Union flag with the euro currency symbol waves in front to of the Greek Parliament in Athens, Greece.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

… And the economy isn’t the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It’s worth repeating today, when the Dow closed above 22,000 and President Trump is touting the record as a big economic win. We’ll just note that stocks aren’t even the right market to be watching; the dollar is tumbling. Then: Chaos continued in Venezuela today with confirmation that voting machines had been tampered with before last weekend’s election. The U.S. is threatening more sanctions, but they could lead to unintended consequences. Plus: Most people expect public Wi-Fi to be free. So how do you make money providing it? We asked Boingo’s CEO. 

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