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Let’s do the numbers. But which ones?

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We’ve heard of a “soft Brexit” and a “hard Brexit,” but what about a “BRINO: Brexit In Name Only”? We’ll kick off today’s show with everything you need to know about negotiations and the furor Prime Minister Theresa May is trying to manage on a tight deadline. Then, we’ll look at the future of HBO after the Time Warner-AT&T merger — and why it might look a lot like Netflix. Plus: We love to do the numbers, but there are a lot of them. So what are the best figures to look at if you want to know how the economy is doing? You’ve always wondered, so we’ll break it down.

Segments From this episode

Who owns Henrietta Lacks' cells?

by Phoebe Unterman and Kai Ryssdal Jul 9, 2018
A lawyer representing the infamous cell line originator's grandsons is trying to establish guardianship.
I've Always Wondered ...

Which economic stats matter most?

by Mitchell Hartman Jul 9, 2018
Our listener asks which economic statistics are the best predictors of future economic performance.

As Trump prepares for NATO summit, we ask: What’s our NATO ROI?

by Tracey Samuelson Jul 9, 2018
President Donald Trump frequently complains about NATO. Just this morning he was tweeting about how NATO allies aren’t spending enough; that the U.S. pays an unfair share. It’s true that NATO members are supposed to spend 2 percent of their GDP on their military. It’s also true that only about eight of NATO’s 29 members […]

Mobile phones could make sports betting more accessible — and addictive

by Adrian Ma Jul 10, 2018
Experts caution that widely available and accessible sports betting on mobile phones could lead to an increase in gambling addiction.

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