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"The expansion of the international economy is not a foreign invasion. It is an American triumph."

June 08, 2018

Ronald Reagan said that 30 years ago in a weekly radio address about protectionism. For decades, the global economy has trended toward more free trade, not less. We're going to spend a few minutes today charting how we got here, from that speech through the next four administrations and up to our current moment, on the brink of a trade war. But first, we'll talk about the gathering of world leaders in Canada this weekend and America's place in it. Is it really the G-7? Or the G-6 plus one? We'll talk about it. Plus: The job market is the tightest it's been in decades, but transgender Americans say they've been denied work or promotions because of their gender identity. As employers hunt for workers, we'll look at whether things are improving. (06/08/2018)

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