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05/16/2017: Investors might be just too exhausted to react to Trump

In the past week, the president of the United States shared highly classified information with the Russians after he fired the director of the FBI. That whole affair was still roiling as we taped this show. Before that, Congress pulled a major piece of legislation affecting almost 20 percent of the American economy off the House floor before a vote, then passed it by the thinnest of margins. In different times, all this chaos would have spooked traders, shaken up markets and maybe Washington in the process. So it's worth hitting pause and asking: What did the markets know? And when did they know it? Then: What you need to know about Ford's plan to cut 10 percent of its global workforce, and the U.S. Postal Service's bid for millennials. Plus, as the WannaCry cyberattack fades, a new story is emerging: Hollywood films held by hackers for ransom. What would it take for studios to pay up? Should they?

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