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05/07/18: A venti deal between Starbucks and Nestle

May 07, 2018

Or maybe it's a grande deal? Whatever. It's a very big deal. The Swiss food brand is paying more than $7 billion for the rights to distribute Starbucks coffee. We'll talk about what Nestle does (or doesn't) get for its money. Probably it means no one will write "Nestly" on their cups again. Then: Tomorrow is the first big primary day for elections in the country and a preview of what may come in November's midterms. A lot of the people running this year are political newcomers from the science community. They worry that the people in power now are discounting science when they make policy, but they're learning that running a lab and running a campaign are two very different things. Plus: Why fast food restaurants like McDonald's, KFC and Taco Bell are experimenting with modern architecture and comfy furniture in their stores.

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