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If Congress regulates Facebook, who else gets caught up?

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post, which details the procedures he would like the government to use as its regulation standard. David Ramos/Getty Images

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One Texas non-profit's idea to help curb climate change

by Travis Bubenik Apr 1, 2019
Landowners would pay to “store” carbon.

The London choir singing out against Brexit

by Stephen Beard Apr 1, 2019
Raised Voices sings its opposition.

Saudi oil company profits impress

by Scott Tong Apr 1, 2019
What’s the most profitable company on earth? We’ll give you three guesses. Nope, not Apple. Google? Try again. Exxon Mobil – wrong. It’s the national oil company of Saudi Arabia. Known as Saudi Aramco, it’s the runaway leader, according to new numbers put out by the company. These number are the first since … well, […]

U.S. cuts aid to Central America over immigration; critics say that will backfire

by Andy Uhler Apr 1, 2019
In an effort to slow the flow of Central America migrants into the U.S., President Trump said he’s cutting direct aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. The U.S. sends money to those countries to help them combat drug trafficking, gang violence and to promote economic growth. Click the audio player above to hear the full […]

How Mark Zuckerberg wants the U.S. government to regulate Facebook

by Kai Ryssdal , Bennett Purser and Liz Sanchez Apr 1, 2019
A New York Times reporter says the CEO's plan is "self-serving."

New Boeing 737 Maxes are stacking up in Washington state

by Mitchell Hartman Apr 1, 2019
Airlines aren't taking delivery of the grounded planes, but no orders have been formally canceled yet.

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