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01/24/2017: Trump, a Marxist?

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Trump has put a halt to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and will potentially strike deals with individual countries. We’ll look at whether these deals will be better for the U.S. than the TPP. Next, we’ll explore the ways the new administration could affect the housing market, and then chat with a professor who argues that Trump is channeling Marxists from the ’70s. 

Segments From this episode

What will happen to housing policy under Trump?

by Mark Garrison Jan 24, 2017
One of the first things President Donald Trump did after being sworn in was suspend a planned cut in mortgage insurance premiums for Federal Housing Administration loans. Democrats favored the cut as a way to make homes more affordable. Republicans worried lower premiums would increase the risk of a bailout. The move will cost some […]

Trump signs away TPP, but will better deals result?

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Jan 24, 2017
President Donald Trump is expected to focus more on trade deals with individual countries now that he has ended U.S. participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP. Could the bilateral deals be better for the US than the 12-nation TPP? Click the above audio player to hear the full story.

Why was there a CDC climate change summit anyway?

by Jed Kim Jan 24, 2017
The Center for Disease Control canceled an upcoming environmental health conference and some say it has to do with the changing political landscape.
Mid-day Update

01/24/17: What can we expect from Trump's new FCC pick?

by David Brancaccio Jan 24, 2017
Despite all this protectionist talk from the new administration, markets don't seem to be taking it that seriously. We'll look at why the risks posed by new trade policy haven't been factored into stock prices. Afterwards, we'll provide some background information on Trump's new pick for head of the FCC, Ajit Pai, and then dive into possible reasons the CDC called off a climate change summit.

The case for Trump being a Marxist

by David Brancaccio Jan 24, 2017
Professor Mark Blyth said Trump has some of the same problems with capitalism as Marxists did back in the '70s.

Judge blocks Aetna merger with Humana

by Lewis Wallace Jan 24, 2017
A federal judge also says Aetna misled the public on its reasons for withdrawing from Obamacare in some states.

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