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01/22/2018: This is just the way it works now.

When all is said and done, this week's government shutdown will have lasted 60 hours, give or take. There's a deal in place that'll get things back to normal by tomorrow morning. But what's "normal" even mean? We might be getting used to government run on a deadline, three weeks at a time or so, but that's not exactly "normal." And yet, the economy seems to be giving that not-normalcy a pass. That's where we're starting today's show. Then, we'll get the real issue underpinning the shutdown, one that hasn't been resolved yet: What's the vision for immigration in this country? President Donald Trump and some Republicans in Congress are pushing to dramatically reduce legal immigration to the United States, and to move the overarching concept from family reunification to a skills-based system. That means fewer workers in an already tight labor market, and it's making some businesses anxious. Plus, introducing our latest project: Divided Decade.

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