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Cardi B speaks the truth

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The rap superstar took to Instagram yesterday to make sure her followers were paying attention to the government shutdown: “this s**t is really f**king serious, bro.” She’s right! We’ll start the show by looking at the newly “essential” employees President Donald Trump sent back to work, and whether other federal workers might file for unemployment. Then: The USDA is trying to bring Big Dairy back to school lunches. Plus, about that 10-Year Challenge.

Segments From this episode

Government shutdown 2019

Definition of an essential worker does a shutdown shift

by Kimberly Adams Jan 17, 2019
Thousands of government employees are furloughed during this government shutdown.

Money may matter more than age when it comes to teen drivers

by Erika Beras Jan 17, 2019
As the cost of cars, insurance and drivers ed has climbed, the number of teen drivers has fallen.

Big tech companies have an affordable housing problem

by Ben Bradford Jan 17, 2019
Microsoft is the latest tech giant to fund affordable housing projects in the white-hot real estate market where they are based. As part of a community building initiative in Seattle, Microsoft is pledging $475 million in low-interest loans to support housing construction projects over three years, with another $25 million marked for homelessness. There has […]
10 year challenge

Could a meme be helping facial recognition software?

by Kai Ryssdal and Bennett Purser Jan 17, 2019
Why the 10-Year Challenge could be a goldmine of data.

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Mobius Streak Hiatus Kaiyote
Be Careful Cardi B
Just Jammin' Gramatik
After the Moment Craft Spells

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