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Trade Off Revisited: Stories of tariffs, trade and globalization
May 18, 2018

Trade Off Revisited: Stories of tariffs, trade and globalization

Who’s gained from open borders and who's lost? Who are tariffs designed to protect, and have they worked? We look at stories of work, reward and American attitudes toward the rest of the world. 

Segments From this episode

If protectionism were a song it'd sound like this

Aug 11, 2017
A searing campaign song from 1896 sounds surprisingly modern.
This is the cover for the sheet music of the original "McKinley Protection" campaign song.
Columbia University Libraries
The protectionist tendencies in today's political climate actually have roots reaching back to Alexander Hamilton.
Ken Garduno, Illustrator

The American protectionism bill that made the Great Depression worse

Aug 24, 2017
The Smoot-Hawley story you never learned in high school history class.
The Smoot-Hawley Tariff was a protectionist piece of legislation that raised tariffs on over 20,000 imported goods.
Ken Garduno, Illustrator

How the British began a free trade bonanza

Aug 28, 2017
England's repeal of tariffs on grain imports in the 19th century kicked off a free trade explosion.
The Repeal of the Corn Laws in Manchester is a 170-year old story with ramifications that continue to this day.
Ken Garduno, Illustrator

Is retraining worth it? Laid off paper millworkers weigh the benefits

Sep 6, 2017
Government programs are meant to help those workers get new jobs. But reinvention is hard.
The remains of the NewPage paper mill in Kimberly, Wisconsin. The mill closed in 2008, leaving 600 people out of work. Kimberly-Clark Corp. built the mill in 1889.
Hayley Hershman

As India's economy catches up to the richer world, tensions emerge

Sep 12, 2017
People in emerging economies reap benefits from an interconnected world, but their gains can stoke resentment in developed nations.
Globalization is helping countries like China and India catch up with Western countries.
Ken Garduno, Illustrator