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Marketplace Weekend for Friday, February 6, 2015

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This weekend, we’re talking about cheating, in big business, in relationships and even by accident.  Guest host Lisa Desjardins of the PBS Newshour speaks with former CFO of HealthSouth, Aaron Beam, about what happened to a cheater during one of the biggest accounting scandals in history. Duke professor and dishonesty expert Dan Ariely explains why we cheat. Lisa talks with the founder of infidelity dating site Ashley Madison about the business of cheating, and a Google hacker explains how hackers cheat…for good. Three listeners tell their stories of cheating in their own financial lives and one test drives a Cadillac he can’t afford, just to get bonus gift. We talk about cheating by accident with an accountant working on healthcare taxes. On next week’s show, we’re talking about mobility. How is the American Dream working out for you? Do you feel upwardly mobile? Tell us your stories. Write to us here, on the web, or tweet us @MarketplaceWKND.

Segments From this episode

Tech IRL: When hacking does good at Google

by Seth Kelley Feb 6, 2015
Google's "white-hat" hacker Parisa Tabriz fights the good fight.

My Money Story: What happens when you cheat

by Eliza Mills Feb 6, 2015
Former HealthSouth CEO shares why he confessed to his role in accounting scandal.

Your Wallet: What does the American Dream mean to you?

by Marketplace Weekend Staff Feb 6, 2015
During our series with the BBC, Six Routes to Riches, we’ve been talking about mobility all over the world, and here in the United States. So what does the American Dream mean to you? Do you feel like you are upwardly mobile? Share your stories on the web, by visiting us on Marketplace’s Facebook page, […]

Your Wallet: Cheating and money

by Josh Woo Feb 6, 2015
Cheating in the financial world evokes reminders of big banks and insider trading — an image of the big company taking advantage of the little guy. One little guy wrote to tell us how he tries to turn the tables on the big companies on a much smaller scale. Chris Norrdin of Carlsbad, Calif., a retired […]

The psychology behind cheating

by Eliza Mills Feb 6, 2015
Duke professor and dishonesty expert Dan Ariely explains why people cheat in business and in life.

Affordable Care Act? Try 'Aggravating Challenge for Accountants'

by Marketplace Contributor Feb 6, 2015
Navigating the ACA during tax season can be stressful, and tricky.

The business of cheating: Ashley Madison and how to sell infidelity

by Eliza Mills Feb 6, 2015
How do you market something that repulses consumers?

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