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08/25/2017 Keeping us safe, inspired and financially stable

August 25, 2017

What if the way our infrastructure is designed could keep us safe from earthquakes, accidents and from terrorism? Lizzie O'Leary looks at the design of U.S. cities with counterterrorism expert Brian Michael Jenkins. Also, ex-Fed economist Bill Nelson talks about the people who are thinking of our financial well-being: the monetary policy leaders meeting at the Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium. Plus, a visit to places that inspire us — public libraries! — and how they're changing to meet the needs of the millennial generation that visits them the most. Marketplace Weekend also gets a sneak peak at Marketplace's Trade Off series on globalization with reporter Scott Tong.

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Marketplace Weekend® has concluded production as of July 2018. The show was hosted by Lizzie O’Leary and told powerful stories from economies both large and personal.