Bytes: Week in Review — OpenAI’s workplace expansion, data center power woes and the ’80s on TikTok
May 31, 2024

Bytes: Week in Review — OpenAI’s workplace expansion, data center power woes and the ’80s on TikTok

Jewel Burks Solomon, managing partner at Collab Capital, joins Marketplace's Lily Jamali for this week's Tech Bytes: Week in Review.

In the early days of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a chatbot query required about 10 times the electricity of a typical Google search. And as people do more with generative artificial intelligence, we’re going to burn through even more power. One nonprofit org is putting numbers on just how much.

Plus, the ’80s are back — on TikTok. A new dance trend is getting Gen X parents to show their Gen Z kids how they danced back in the day, to the tune of Bronski Beat’s “Smalltown Boy.” The possibility of a U.S. ban on the app doesn’t seem to be dampening their spirits.

But first, OpenAI is expanding its foothold in the corporate workplace. This week, The Wall Street Journal reported that consulting and professional services giant PricewaterhouseCoopers is now OpenAI’s largest customer and the first reseller of ChatGPT’s enterprise tier, which is aimed at businesses.

Marketplace’s Lily Jamali spoke with Jewel Burks Solomon, managing partner at Collab Capital, about these headlines for this week’s Tech Bytes: Week in Review.

More on everything we talked about

“PwC Set to Become OpenAI’s Largest ChatGPT Enterprise Customer” — from The Wall Street Journal

“Data centers could use 9% of US electricity by 2030, research institute says” — from Reuters

“Parents Dance Like It’s the ’80s on TikTok, and Bring Down the House” — from The New York Times

“US court to hear challenges to potential TikTok ban in September” — from Reuters

“One thing about Ms. Suzanne, shes gonna slay” — from TikTok user marynepi

“Love her 😭 “Se me espeluco el moño”” — from TikTok user lavaleritaaa

“#80s #momdancechallenge” — from TikTok user bucc40

“those ab crunches tho 🤣 i love her” — from TikTok user ahnestkitchen

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