Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Apple has released its latest business results and they are better than many analysts expected. And, there are two sides to the Internet: the mainstream and the underground. What happens when the underground gets gobbled up by the mainstream? For one thing, it means online pornography gets pushed further to the margins of the web.

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Startup lets fans tell bands where to play

For musicians these days hitting the road is where the real money is at, as long as people actually show up to see you play. That's where tech startup Rabbl hopes to come in.
Posted In: Music, music industry, concerts, crowdsourcing

When it comes to Tumblr, sex doesn't sell

Yahoo wants blogging site Tumblr to make money, and to do that, Tumblr needs to weed out pornography.
Posted In: tumblr, Yahoo, porn, Internet, censorship

Apple keeps its shine

Investors are happy with Apple's latest business performance, but the big question is what happens when the company runs out of buyers for its high-end phones and tablets?
Posted In: apple, iPhone, iPad

Congress takes up NSA's data mining allowance

The House of Representatives votes on an amendment to take away money from the NSA today. It's part of the $500 billion defense spending bill and it's got the tech industry up in arms.
Posted In: nsa, data mining, big data, Congress

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