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The beauty of a footnote in a book or an article is finding that getting to the original source only requires a trip to the library. But as more and more literature lives -- and is born -- online, there's a growing problem. Big enough that some of the most prestigious institutions in the country are banding together to try and fix it. 

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For California minors, Internet regrets may be a thing of the past

A new bill passed in California aims to protect minors from having a permanent record of photos and phrases they might regret.
Posted In: children, teens, social media, privacy, Internet, regrets

Every scholarly article archived online

Prestigious institutions are joining forces to preserve literature.
Posted In: Perma, online archive, scholarly articles, literature

Microsoft's Surface 2 wants you to be productive

The Surface 2 tablet launched yesterday in New York.
Posted In: Microsoft, Surface, Surface 2, tablet, Entertainment, productivity

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