Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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In response to privacy concerns over Google Glass, Google says it won't allow facial recognition apps in its Google Play Store. How are app developers responding? And Turkey's prime minister is blaming Twitter for civil unrest in the country, calling social media the worst menace to society.

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Did Google just ban the most promising feature of Google Glass?

In response to privacy concerns, Google has announced it will not allow facial recognition apps for Google Glass in its app store. How are app developers responding?
Posted In: Google, Google Glass, larry page, app

Education start-up looks to disrupt textbook market

Boston-based start-up Boundless, which provides free educational materials online, says it's looking to help cash-strapped students find an alternative to expensive textbooks.
Posted In: higher education, Education, textbooks

Late on shift to mobile, Zynga to lay off 18% of its staff

Zynga, the company best known for social media games like Facebook's Farmville, is laying off nearly 20 percent of its current workforce.
Posted In: zynga, social media, mobile

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