Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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One of the people who works on big ideas at the chip-maker Intel is Genevieve Bell. She's not a software engineer, or a developer, she's an anthropologist. Bell studies everything from how people feel about their gadgets to how they use them differently around the world. And we look at a new dress made not out of gauze, but out of gaze.

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Intel's anthropologist on uncovering our hidden tech habits

One of the people responsible for big ideas at the chip-maker Intel isn’t a software engineer or a developer. She's an anthropologist.
Posted In: Intel

Climate change policy: Tech winners and losers

President Obama will announce a plan on Tuesday designed to push forward his administration's goals on confronting climate change. Which technologies will get the go-ahead?
Posted In: climate change, Obama, greenhouse gases, carbon emissions

Is your dress looking at me?

Designer Ying Gao has created dresses that are embedded with eye-tracking technology.
Posted In: fashion, clothing, Tech

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