Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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Apple releases its latest business results, and as usual, the news will be all about the iPhone. Apple's smartphone and iPad tablet are both, in tech years, practically geriatric. When it comes to the bottom line, Apple has traditionally done best when it innovates. So the question is, can the company deliver a new and revolutionary gadget? And, nearly half a billion mobile phone SIM cards might be vulnerable to hacking.  

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How to protect your cellphone from hackers

Nearly half a billion mobile phone SIM cards might be vunerable to hacking. The vulnerability was revealed by a security researcher in Germany.
Posted In: cybersecurity, hacking, Cellphones, mobile

What's the next leap forward for Apple?

Apple faces a business quandary: amaze the markets all over again, or compete on small improvements.
Posted In: apple, iPhone, iPad, China

Moto X: Can it compete?

Since Google bought Motorola and its boatload of patents last year, there's been plenty of speculation the old cellphone company would build a new product.
Posted In: Google, motorola, mobile, smartphones

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