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Yahoo's President and CEO Marissa Mayer was appointed a year ago today. In that time, the former Google executive has been in the news plenty, from ending her company's telecommuting policies to leading the purchase of blogging site Tumblr. So how's she doing? And, there is an immigration debate raging in Washington right now. Even with its own set of highly paid lobbyists, it's unclear if the tech world's hopes for importing more talent from overseas will come true. But there has been some movement in the intense world of live video gaming events.

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When it comes to online tracking, what's standard?

Should advertisers and other companies be able to collect and hold onto users' browsing data? And should users be able to tell web site operators to stop tracking them?
Posted In: privacy, advertising, big data

Marissa Mayer's report card: Buy!

This week marks one year of the Marissa Mayer era at Yahoo. Mayer has bought 16 companies in her time at the helm.
Posted In: Yahoo, tumblr, social media, Marissa Mayer

Professional video gamers eligible for athlete visas

Riot Games says it has successfully lobbied immigration services to provide visas for competitive gamers -- the same kind usually reserved for professional athletes.
Posted In: Immigration, video games, immigration reform

IBM and Google earnings: An old bellwether and a new one

The earnings reports will certainly express some things about the state of the tech world, but also perhaps, the condition of the larger economy.
Posted In: Google, IBM, Yahoo, Earnings

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