Marketplace Tech for Thursday, August 1, 2013

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The U.S. International Trade Commission gets ready to hand down a big decision in the patent war between Apple and Samsung. It's about tablets and whether Samsung copied Apple's iPad. And July and August are two of the biggest travel months of the year, with a lot of families spending quality time together. So what do you do when someone has their face buried in a gadget the whole time?

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Tracking the relationship of the government and Silicon Valley

Revelations that the government is collecting vast amounts of our personal data from companies like Facebook and Google, is raising questions about the relationship between the feds and the tech industry.
Posted In: Silicon Valley, defense department, Intel

The two most important surveillance stories this week

Newly revealed documents suggest deeper and more widespread NSA surveillance of emails and chat messages. And Oakland, California approves a plan for a new local surveillance center.
Posted In: NSA leaks, nsa, surveillance, Congress

Going unplugged for family vacation

What do you do when a family member has their face buried in a gadget during vacation?
Posted In: vacation, summer vacation, family tech

Apple and Samsung locked in patent wars

Apple and Samsung have been locked in a series of bitter patent disputes. A ruling on one of those battles is expected from the U.S. International Trade Commission today.
Posted In: apple, samsung, patents, patent wars

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