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If you make office supplies, you know you've arrived when your product hits the shelves at Staples. The retail chain says it will start carrying the Cube 3D printer made by 3D Systems. You can buy the Cube 3D online at now, or wait until it hits stores in June. And, this week we'll be talking about the near-future of tech -- not flying cars and terminators, but what's coming in the next decade. Today, a conversation about free speech online. A year ago, George Washington Law Professor Jeffrey Rosen went to a hush-hush meeting at Stanford that dealt with censorship. It was full of academics, international government representatives, and a small group of young techies from companies like Twitter and Google.

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The first 3D printed gun goes bang

The world's first gun made almost entirely on a 3D printer has been fired in the United States. Cody Wilson, a Texas law student, has been working on the project for over a year.
Posted In: 3D printing, guns, gun control

The Root launches black Twitter aggregator 'The Chatterati'

Online magazine The Root has just launched 'The Chatterati', a new webpage that watches Twitter users, phrases and hashtags trending in the black community.
Posted In: Twitter, African-American, Internet, media

3D printers: Now available with a click of the 'Easy Button'

Has 3D printing finally gone mainstream? Staples says it will start carrying the Cube 3D printer made by 3D Systems.
Posted In: 3D printing, staples

Who do you trust more with your free speech: The government or tech companies?

A secret meeting, a handful of tech CEO's, and the future of your freedom of speech online.
Posted In: free speech, Tech, Google, Facebook, censorship

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