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Jan 25, 2021

It could take poorer countries more than a decade to recover from COVID-19

As the World Economic Forum meets online, the growth in inequality will be a key focus. Plus, a French-language detective series could smash Netflix monthly viewership records. 

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The pandemic-induced economic inequality gap is widening

Jan 25, 2021
And efforts from central banks and governments have in some cases exacerbated it.
Fast-rising wages during the pandemic are an anomaly. While most higher-paid professionals were able to work from home, millions of lower-paid service workers lost jobs and income.
Filmstudio via Getty Images

"Lupin" feeds Netflix viewers' foreign-series frenzy

Jan 25, 2021
Netflix said in its earnings report last week that "Lupin" is set to rack up 70 million views in its first month, a new record.
Omar Sy, who plays Assane Diop in "Lupin," studies a computer screen in this production still from the Netflix series.
Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

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