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Why an important inflation measure leaves out borrowing costs
May 15, 2024

Why an important inflation measure leaves out borrowing costs

Borrowing costs for things like car loans and mortgages aren't included in the consumer price index. Why?

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Proposed guidance on AI

On Tuesday, a bipartisan group of senators released recommendations around the development of artificial intelligence. They want the federal government to spend about $30 billion over three years on shaping technology that could bring great bounty — but could also cause great harm.

Why isn't the cost of borrowing money included in the consumer price index?

May 15, 2024
Loans are a big cost, but they would muddle the data in the CPI. Fed rate hikes would essentially create inflation, despite their intention.
Borrowing is a major expense for many Americans. One example is the interest on car loans.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

End of pandemic funding forces some schools to consider cutting teachers, programming

May 15, 2024
School districts across the country have relied on a combined $190 billion in federal money for more than three years. But time’s up: the funds have to be accounted for by Sept. 30.
Schools must account for pandemic relief funds by Sept. 30,
Jon Cherry/Getty Images

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