When a politician is paid out matters, Supreme Court says
Jun 27, 2024

When a politician is paid out matters, Supreme Court says

Supreme Court justices have narrowed the scope of federal corruption law, as it pertains to state and local officials.

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Narrowing the scope of federal corruption law

Supreme Court justices recently ruled that a former mayor in Indiana did not commit a crime when he took $13,000 as a purported consulting fee after — not before — awarding city contracts to a trucking company.

The sportswear industry is booming, but Nike is having a hard time riding the wave

Jun 27, 2024
Newer brands are eroding the brand's cool value.
Newer, trendy brands like Hoka, Lululemon and On Running are trying to chip away at Nike's market share of the sneaker business.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Social Security cuts are inevitable by 2035 unless lawmakers act

Jun 27, 2024
Social Security has been known as “the third rail of American politics” since the early 1980s, with the idea that touching the program can prove deadly to a politician’s career.
Because Social Security can’t take on any debt or tap into general revenues to fund benefits, Congress needs to do something before the money runs out.
J. David Ake/Getty Images

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