What does U.K. crackdown on Binance mean for consumers?
Jun 28, 2021

What does U.K. crackdown on Binance mean for consumers?

From the BBC World Service: Britain's financial watchdog has barred the cryptocurrency exchange Binance from advertising in the country and warned consumers to exercise caution when it comes to crypto investments. It also revealed Binance is not registered to operate in the U.K. Authorities in Canada and Japan have also criticized Binance in recent days. Plus, how a "black rainstorm" warning in Hong Kong led to the suspension of stock market trading there. And, figuring out the post-Brexit future for Britain's financial services industry.

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How is Britain's financial services industry faring after Brexit?

Jun 28, 2021
It’s an industry that, in 2019, contributed nearly $200 billion to the U.K.’s economy, and supported nearly a million jobs.
It's been six months since the end of a Brexit transition period for the U.K. How are financial companies moving forward?
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