What does the Fed have in store for the US economy?
Nov 3, 2021

What does the Fed have in store for the US economy?

Also today: Supply chain issues might not have the same kind of impact on crafty retail sites such as Etsy, but there are still other logistical challenges. The BBC examines just how large inflation may loom over the U.K., especially through the eyes of one of its largest vegetable producers.

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Retailers less dependent on the global supply chain could see opportunities this holiday season

Nov 3, 2021
Will holiday shoppers factor on-time delivery into purchases?
E-commerce sites like Etsy might see some opportunities even with the supply chain struggles.
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How big a problem is rising inflation in the United Kingdom?

Nov 3, 2021
For Alfred G Pearce, the biggest veggie producer in the U.K., signs of inflation are everywhere.
Everyday shoppers in the U.K. paid prices in September that were 3.1% higher than they were a year ago.
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