What do you get when you cross a VW with a Rivian electric?
Jun 26, 2024

What do you get when you cross a VW with a Rivian electric?

Volkswagen says it's putting $5 billion into U.S. electric truck company Rivian. We examine why.

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Rivian's $5 billion lifeline

Volkswagen of Germany says it’s pouring billions into Rivian. The cash infusion comes at a crucial time for Rivian, the electric truck maker, as it watches other EV startups go under. But VW also needs something out of this.

U.S. dams are in a sorry state

Jun 26, 2024
The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the nation’s dams a D grade on its latest infrastructure report card.
The U.S. has nearly 92,000 dams; the average age for a dam is 61 years.
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

Online comic company Webtoon is going public

Jun 26, 2024
The company, with a global community of readers and creators, is expected to start trading on the NASDAQ on Thursday.
The online comic site Webtoon has more than 24 million creators who post work to their site. Above, comic artist Bae Jin-soo sketching a Webtoon on May 24.
Anthony Wallace/AFP via Getty Images

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