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What China’s trade decisions do to the global economy
Apr 29, 2022

What China’s trade decisions do to the global economy

China is a big player in the global economy, importing and exporting several trillion dollars worth of goods and services each year. That means China's trade decisions can affect the health of industries and economies across the globe, but right now it's hard for the World Trade Organization to do anything about it. For more on this issue, we talk to Chad Bown at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Households are becoming more nervous about personal finances due to inflation. A look at results from Apple and Amazon, which reported earnings and losses this week. 

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Survey finds people are feeling worse about their own finances than they did a year ago

Apr 29, 2022
Price increases have a lot to do with how people see their finances at the moment, but people are also feeling more secure in their jobs.
A new Gallup survey details uneasiness in people's personal finances due to inflation.

China’s efforts to address domestic problems can lead to global challenges

Restrictions on exports like fertilizer and steel have major economic ramifications for trading partners.
When the prices of fertilizer began to increase last year, China moved to restrict fertilizer exports. Above, workers move bags of fertilizer in China's northwest Qinghai province in 2005.
Peter Parks/AFP via Getty Images

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